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Aviation Charter provide no-hassle aircraft charter for private and executive clients. We offer a range of charter services, including simple point to point solutions using helicopter and ad-hoc private jet charter for small and large groups. As a small, independent aircraft charter company, the personal service we provide with every enquiry is unrivalled. Please get in touch today for no obligation advice and / or a indicative quotation to help you plan your trip.

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"Our Argus accreditation affirms our commitment to air charter safety and best practice. By choosing to work with us, our clients can therefore feel safe in the knowledge due diligence has been carried out, before passengers board their aircraft.” 

Director, Aviation Charter

Via a consultative approach, we ensure the charter service we deliver is perfectly tailored to our clients’ requirements. Offering information and expert advice at every step, we aim to provide complete clarity to the charter process.  Browse the services we offer, below.

"Flying privately takes the pain out of travelling. Forget the waiting and the delays so associated with commercial travel. Private passengers travel in complete comfort, eat what they wish, travel with whom they like, all to a flexible schedule dictated by you.” 

— Director, Aviation Charter

We offer global charter access to helicopter, turboprop and jet aircraft.  If you have a question regarding specific aircraft, please drop us an email.  Learn a bit more about the various aircraft available to you here.

Time Travel in the 21st Century

I’m regularly asked about the value of business jet charter by friends and family who, like many others, believe that flying privately is purely for celebrities, royalty and oligarchs. When I respond by telling them that this demographic makes up about 1% of the passenger manifests and that I’m providing a time machine for my clients, I’m often greeted with a bemused look. The fact is, whilst an executive jet may not take you back to your favourite part of history, it can give a competitive edge to business.

Introducing HondaJet Elite

At $5.25 million, Honda’s new HondaJet Elite is one of the most capable very light jets in the world. Boasting style, luxury and seamless technology, the automobile giants launched this latest jet in 2018 as an updated version of the 2015 Honda HA-420. Considering three decades of research and development went into building the original jet, with Company CEO of Honda Aircraft Michimasa Fujino at the helm, an upgrade should be deemed to be pretty impressive.

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