The Air Charter Association – Promoting Safety, Maintaining Standards

Celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2019, The Air Charter Association campaigns tirelessly to improve and promote the air charter industry. On 4 July, the organisation announced a rebranding away from the Baltic Air Charter Association (BACA) title of its origins, becoming simply The Air Charter Association, to better reflect its global remit.

Explaining the change, chairman Nick Weston said: “After 70 successful years, our council made it clear that it was important the Association didn’t rest on its laurels. We’ve traditionally been known fairly widely for our amazing networking opportunities but behind the scenes we are an active lobbying organisation, whether that’s on issues affecting our members and the travelling public, such as illegal charter, or educating government officials on the benefits of air charter in general, or representing our members’ interests in areas including tax, future aviation strategy or trying to find ways to encourage the next generation of our industry to look at the brilliant career opportunities we have to offer.”

To its members, The Air Charter Association is therefore the voice of the charter industry. It represents them at regulator and government levels, regardless of whether they are airports, charter brokers, business jet or freighter operators, aviation law firms or fuel providers.

I’m especially proud that Artist Charter and Aviation Charter Limited are Association members. It means we run our business with integrity, with the ethos and values The Air Charter Association stands for. We also gain in knowledge and learning, through the Association’s training days and excellent networking possibilities.
The Air Charter Association describes itself as ‘…an association of professionals working in an industry delivering the highest standards of quality, safety and customer service.” For charter customers, choosing an Association member means selecting a provider that satisfies its goal of ensuring every company involved in aircraft charter meets the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.

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Since its foundation in 1949, BACA has campaigned on a number of issues, among them the problem of illegal, or ‘grey charter’. Flying privately on an aircraft chartered from a reputable company is inherently safe, but that safety and assurance relies on the professional implementation of processes and oversight, requiring considerable investment in training and compliance.

Unfortunately, there are those in the industry who flout its legality and regulations. The Air Charter Association continues to campaign at the highest levels for strong enforcement action against offenders, and for education, so that the flying public is less likely to fall into the ‘grey charter’ trap.

But working to keep customers and the industry safe from illegal charter is only one of the Association’s many key missions. As CEO Dave Edwards noted: “This rebrand really cements in everyone’s minds what The Air Charter Association is here for and who we represent. We’re a global trade body with over 250 members.” On behalf of those members, The Air Charter Association seeks to protect and bring to the world’s attention the importance of air charter; the industry provides vital air transport services for virtually every business sector.