As a ‘broker’, perhaps public perception is not on our side. After all, when one thinks of a broker, perhaps there’s the belief a broker simply acts as a middleman, buying at X, whacking a huge commission on and selling to the unsuspecting customer at Y. Certainly in some industries there may be more of this sort of behaviour, that where there’s little value to add to a transaction and the customer is unconfident in sourcing said product/ service themselves.

As an aircraft ‘charter broker’, we can be completely confident in the value that we add to the service our customers paid for.  The charter market is such, that there are often many operator/aircraft options for any particular requested flight. As such, our role is to source our clients the most suitable aircraft (at the best price) for their trip, acting as an intermediary between our client and the aircraft operator. A charter broker makes money via a commission that’s levied within the final charter price, as accepted by the client.

Charter brokers deal directly with operators to source and negotiate competitive aircraft and to oversee/manage the overall operational aspect of each flight. Whether our clients are looking to charter a private jet or charter a helicopter, choosing a broker to do all the hard work means that they don’t have to.  Lets look at things transparently, chartering an aircraft is not always straight forward – there can be a number of aspects to consider, that require research and an injection of expertise.  Testament to the importance of a charter brokers role perhaps, is the fact the model of the ‘traditional’ charter broker has strived, despite many attempts to launch the complete online, ‘DIY’ charter service.

When a client requests a quotation, what will a charter broker do?

  • Establish charter requirements
  • Assess the routing, timing implications, airports and possible risk factors
  • Research and shortlist operator & aircraft options for clients to consider
  • Review operator safety certifications and records
  • Ensure each aircraft passes industry regulations and safety standards
  • Negotiate price with operators (when required)
  • Provide detailed, competitive charter quotations from a number of operators

Some charter brokers simply churn out quotations with little or no explanation behind the aircraft offered. Avi Charter offer a high level of explanation behind the options provided to clients. Charter prices may be particularly high or routings may prove to be problematic based on the requested airports or timings.  In providing good explanation behind each of the quotations that Avi Charter present, our clients can make an informed decision and revise their requests if necessary.  Of course, private aircraft may not be the most suitable method of transport when clients require an inexpensive option – believing in honest practice, we often advise on available commercial routings or a combination using commercial and private aircraft.

Aircraft Charter

How Does a Broker Find the Best Aircraft to Charter?

Once point of departure and arrival are established, your broker will then, via various methods, look into the availability of the aircraft at your nearest, most convenient or suitable airport. Your broker will consider aircraft based on the number of expected passengers, expected luggage, aircraft suitability for selected airports, level of comfort required and range. They will also shortlist operators at their discretion, perhaps choosing to offer their clients aircraft from operators they have had previously good experiences with.  Often a broker will discard options from operators with bad reputations or that the charter broker has not previously had a good experience with.

Price is often an important factor in aircraft consideration. Clients may require lowest price aircraft and we are happy to oblige providing the most competitive options, providing the aircraft/ operators meet the high standards we set out as an Argus charter broker. A charter broker should always offer a range of suitable options, especially if the client is uncertain what they are looking for. Again, full explanation behind the options presented, along with personal recommendation from Avi Charter allows the client to make an informed and well-researched decision.

A charter price should be more favourable when presented by a broker. A charter broker has a great advantage when it comes to chartering at the best price because they have a good knowledge of the operators and aircraft in the charter market. This ensures the right operators for the job are approached first. In addition, a good charter broker possess’ well-rehearsed negotiation skills, they offer repeat business on behalf of their customer base and so can often secure a much more favourable price from the out-set.

Do I Need a Charter Broker?

There’s no harm in working with operators direct, should you be completely confident they are providing the best aircraft for your trip. Brokers don’t own their own aircraft so they’re not limited by fleet availability. Access to the entire global market place of aircraft means charter brokers have a distinct advantage of choice. Whilst one operator may offer a great charter price for a trip, unless the marketplace is searched thoroughly, it is difficult for the client to be assured they are getting the best deal.  Much of an aircraft’s price competitiveness surrounds its positioning so a significant part of a charter brokers job is to locate those well positioned to the required point of departure.

There are many additional aspects to aircraft charter but any good broker should be experienced and able to manage all aspects of a charter easily.

A charter broker may also –

  • Attain and check aircraft documentation, insurance and flight certificates.
  • Organise replacement aircraft in case of AOG (Aircraft on Ground)
  • Attain, check and request additional information (if necessary) for flight briefs
  • Organise and oversee requested changes to the charter itinerary
  • Manage catering
  • Organise ground transportation
  • Assist in overcoming operational issues as the flight is undertaken

Choosing the Best Broker for You

Amazingly and perhaps a little worryingly, our industry is unregulated, meaning anybody could set up a charter business without a license. The absence of such global regulation can be a problem, as it allows for unfair competition from brokers who conduct their business with very little regard for anything other than making money.

The good news is that brokers can choose to undertake third-party audits that prove their compliance with industry requirements & best practice – Avi Charter decided to do just that by seeking Argus accreditation back in 2017. Learn more about charter ratings here.

Our work with Argus affirms our commitment to air charter safety and industry best practice and so by choosing to work with us, our clients (and ultimately the passengers) can feel safe in the knowledge that complete and necessary due diligence has been carried out and is always committed to providing the highest safety and service-oriented charter operations. This means when it comes to executive jet charter, our clients can fly with confidence.

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