EAB Group (TA Avi Charter / TA Artist Charter) was awarded Argus Registered broker rating in August 2017 and are currently one of a few charter brokers in Europe to have achieved Argus accreditation.

What is the Argus rating and what should it mean to our clients?

The private aircraft charter industry is largely unregulated – there is no formal licensing of aircraft charter brokers. The Argus charter broker rating was established to provide an independent yet fully credible proof of adherence to industry best practice and due-diligence, surrounding the procedures of aircraft charter.

The Argus programme is the only charter broker ratings programme to be endorsed by BACA (The Air Charter Association).

With Argus accreditation in place, our clients can feel assured they are undertaking their own due-diligence by choosing to work with us; from the aspect of the companies credibility, our financial strength, our principles, how we serve our client base and the organisational processes we implement behind chartering an aircraft…

Argus assess policies and procedures, operator selection due-diligence, aircraft selection due-diligence, trip organisation and safety / risk assessment procedures.

Our work with Argus affirms our commitment to air charter safety and industry best practice and so by choosing to work with us, passengers can feel safe in the knowledge that necessary due diligence has been carried out, before they board the aircraft.

Visit the Argus website to learn about the ratings for both Operator and Charter Broker – https://www.argus.aero/

BACA – The Air Charter Association – http://www.baca.org.uk/