I’m regularly asked about the value of business aviation charter by friends and family who, like many others, believe that flying privately is purely for celebrities, royalty and oligarchs. When I respond by telling them that this demographic makes up about 1% of the passenger manifests and that I’m providing a time machine for my clients, I’m often greeted with a bemused look. The fact is, whilst an executive jet may not take you back to your favourite part of history, it can give a competitive edge to business. Chartering a jet to support business delivers the impossible by allowing money to buy time, which in a world where the speed of economics continues a pace, is truly invaluable.

We all know the pain of commercial air travel. The inconsistent security rules, the endless queues and waiting, the inflexibility of traditional hub and spoke links, and the unreliability and discomfort of an increasingly stretched global airline fleet, operating out of increasingly busy and disrupted airports. For a dynamic business, it’s just not efficient or productive.

I recently took a commercial flight that in theory should have taken five hours, it took me 14 due to the perfect storm of tech issues, changing weather conditions and missed connections. How I wished I could charter from myself.

Executives just don’t have that time to waste. An average Fortune 500 C-Suite executive can be valued at up to £4K an hour. Using commercial aviation does not make sense for the executive who is responsible for million-pound companies, tens of thousands of direct and indirect employees, and advancing development of international business and technology.

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The benefits of business aviation charter for these executives are boundless. A trip that could take four days commercially can be completed in just one day using chartered aircraft flying point to point legs. In addition, if travelling with colleagues, sensitive commercial details can be freely discussed during flight adding extra value to the time spent together.

Physical and commercial security is enhanced. The entourage can glide through private terminals, the FBOs, straight on to aircraft with minimal fuss and recognition. Routes are often more direct to private or military airports that are closer to the final destination than large hubs. Ground transportation time can be minimised, passengers are often collected and dropped off at the aircraft door. With helicopter charter, the options are even greater with machines setting passengers down closer to where they need to be.

Charter itineraries are also elastic, the dedicated aircraft’s only obligation is to the passengers’ schedule. If a business meeting runs over, an additional appointment arises, or an extra leg is needed, this usually presents no issues. Each itinerary is bespoke and can be altered according to need. It is simply the case that travelling via private jet makes economic sense for business, and consequently, those that rely on that business be it employer, employee, shareholder, partner, suppliers, or customers.

Our time machines add value to those who appreciate the benefits and whilst our digitally connected world enhances communication, so the evolving business aviation sector will continue to optimise time, an invaluable commodity for the busy executive. Click here to learn more about a business charter.