An aircraft exists to meet almost every kind of requirement, even so for large groups of people.  Please get in touch if you would like to know more about the options available to you in large turboprop aircraft, executive airliners and regional jet aircraft.

Breaking down the cost of the use of a large aircraft per passenger, may surprise you.  There are also a lot of added benefits of chartering a large plane to suit your requirement rather than flying commercial.

  • Arrange the schedule as you wish, choosing exactly when you wish to fly.
  • Brand the aircraft, externally and internally – taking advantage of the many options available by arrangement.
  • Use private terminals / lounges / FBO avoiding queues and hassle and so every one of your passengers can board the aircraft relaxed and ready for the flight.
  • Bespoke catering can be arranged – tailored exactly to your groups requirements.
  • Benefit from added comfort – in most cases private aircraft allow more seating room, in some in VIP configuration with wide seats, lots of leg room, on board entertainment, luxury catering and the very best in cabin service taking care of your every need.