Versatility is the best word used to describe the advantage of helicopter charter.  Almost any location can be in reach thanks to the fact the helicopter can take off from or land almost anywhere.

Helicopter charter is often our solution for our clients when they need to get from one place to another where airports are scarce and/or they are short on time.  Their versatility means they are suitable for almost any regional charter request.

Artist Charter offer access to fleets internationally – we’re rarely stuck for options.  Choice of helicopter may come down to availability (for the desired routing) or it may come down to the type of mission it’s performing and/or the passengers it is chartering.  We are sometimes asked for the most cost viable solution and with just 2/3 passengers to carry, a helicopter such as the Robinson R44 may be the only option. Similarly, the EC120 (Eurocopter) is a popular and cost efficient aircraft for small numbers of passengers.  On the other end of the scale, larger options such as the Agusta 109, the Dauphin (AS365) or EC155 provide a VIP experience for passengers like no other.  With wide, leather upholstered seating inside a separate noise proofed cabin and offering champagne and canapés for the pleasure of passengers, these helicopters are in a similar class to their private jet counterparts when it comes to luxury and the enjoyment of the flight.  Lets also not forget the thrill that comes with a helicopter flight.

Helicopters, chartered regularly by our clients include the Agusta 109/ 109 Grand, the EC135 and the AS355. As an entertainment industry focused business, our requests for helicopter are often similar in nature, providing a quick and direct route in to shows and festivals.  Sometimes we are asked to provide a short and swift connection from an airport to a show or another airport – avoiding the perils of heavy traffic, the helicopter often the perfect solution.