Luxury Accommodation across the Cote d’Azur, Sardinia, Tuscany and the French Riviera

Preferential rates and seamless travel through Aviation Charter

This summer, Aviation Charter are pleased to be partnering with luxury villa provider, L’e Marquis.

L’e Marquis are at the forefront of villa provision in St Tropez, Sardinia, Aix en Provence, Veneto,
Tuscany, the French Riviera
 and Morocco.

Aside from possessing the most comprehensive portfolio of property across each region, L’e Marquis
are proud to offer deep knowledge and wealth of local concierge to the feature destinations they offer.
In fact, they only offer property with local concierge and property managers in place already to look after clients.

As partners, we are pleased to provide direct access with preferential rates to any L’e Marquis villa.
Alongside your private aviation needs, door to door ground transportation and local concierge taking care
of your every need at your destination, together, we’re offering a seamless experience like no other;

Seamless Travel

Aviation services include transportation by private jet or by helicopter and include ground transportation
from and to home and to and from your destination villa. In some cases where possible, helicopter
services are offered directly from the airport to helipads at your L’e Marquis villa.

Seamless travel

Unmatched Concierge Services

Concierge services include: the booking of stopover hotels and restaurants, food and drink delivery, maids, cooks, chauffeurs, security, butlers, babysitters and masseusesRestaurant and club reservations, concerts/ DJ in your villa, yacht hire, car hire, travelling tailoring, wine tours / wine tasting and more.

It is only with 30 years experience in the luxury travel market and 25 years + involved in luxury villa and concierge in St Tropez specifically, that L’e Marquis can offer such an extensive range of well-executed services.

L’e Marquis were looking to partner with a boutique private aircraft charter company as an extension of their own services and we were proud to be that match. Exceptional service is at the heart of what L’e Marquis offer – perfectly aligned therefore with the standards that we set as a ARGUS Certified charter business.

We are pleased that we share the same ethos we L’e Marquis so that clients can enjoy consistency, reliability and importantly, an exceptional service.

Please get in touch directly, stating your preferred dates of stay, location(s) and an approximate budget.

We will provide you with a range of suitable options at preferential rates.