Turboprop aircraft certainly have their place in aviation charter. In most cases, not as fast as jet aircraft, however, they have their distinct performance advantages in other areas.

Firstly, in versatility – turboprops are generally more capable using shorter runways, even grass airstrips. As such, turboprops can use many more airports than a jet may and often provide our clients a solution in getting closer to where they need to be, on time.

Whilst many are rather basic aircraft, some are very luxurious – cabin space and comfort rivalling that of some midsize jet aircraft – the King Air 200/350, the Pilatus PC-12, the Avanti by Piaggio are such examples.  In any case, most turboprops are very functional aircraft, allowing plenty of room for passengers and baggage and so often provide the perfect solution for short to mid-range distances to clients on a limited budget.